Posted: Dec 06, 2015 12:35 am
by Darwinsbulldog
Theistic evolution fails when it comes to the concept of immortal or transferable souls, independent of body. Miller, Collins, Ayala, Conway-Morris [all excellent life-scientists] don't think evolution is competent enough to produce what they call soul. And they are right. But if you take the concept of a mortal soul-one tied to a physical body, then biological evolution, cultural evolution and life experiences will produce individuals with identity, personality etc compatible with the idea of a non-magical soul.
In other words, these scientists are still vitalists. They concede the power of evolution to produce the mundane- the "meat". But god, deus ex machina, is behind the scenes, still pulling the strings for the "important" stuff.
More subtle than the Behe type of creationist, they are still creationists. As their main delusion is concerning the supernatural [and non-existent] aspect of the soul, they are still good technicians and do useful work. Nevertheless, Conway_Morris makes a lot more out of convergence than is healthy in a scientist, stopping not far away in his "oh-ahs" from declaring his love for his deity. So far he has managed to keep his trap shut on such matters when writing scientific papers. But all four scientists give their "imaginations" freer reign in their pop science books.
Behe of course, is an utter twat and liar, about as useful as tits on a bull.