Posted: Feb 17, 2016 1:49 pm
by Hobbes Choice
byofrcs wrote:
pcCoder wrote:But, we all know that radioactive decay occurred faster in the past, as was the speed of light. Just a little over 6000 years ago, the decay was many magnitudes higher than it is today, but in such a synchronous way that even today certain dating lines appear to line up when dating old rocks with Uranium, etc. Now don't start with that crap that faster decay or faster speed of light would result in a hotter planet. Scientists are now discovering dark matter and energy, an energy that seems to behave the opposite of regular energy. Regular matter has attraction towards each other (gravity). Dark matter has the opposite, and pushes matter apart, as is evidenced by our expanding universe. In the same way, even though the radioactive decay was many magnitudes higher in the past just before 6000 years ago, dark energy was also more prevalent and therefore prevented the super heating of our planet during the time that caused billions of years of apparent decay in just the first day when Gob created the earth.


Which is why God created Radon gas.

Wonderful, at last I've found another person that knows the mind of God. Given the claim you make is on quite an esoteric subject, you should be more easily capable to be able to answer a more mundane and simple question. Can you tell me why he gave my brother Schizophrenia?