Posted: Feb 26, 2016 3:30 pm
by ScholasticSpastic
Hobbes Choice wrote:<snip>But you need to read more</snip>

This is the bit of what you posted that I agree with. I think everyone needs to read more. It would be lovely if we structured our society to better reward the pursuit of knowledge rather than applying bling to our automobiles or idolizing overgrown children who are very good at playing with their balls.

1) It's a dick move to make claims about how much your interlocutor knows without some sort of reasonable basis for doing so.

2) If you're not a fan of explaining things, what are you doing on a discussion forum? Either you'll know more than who you're interacting with and you'll be explaining something, or you'll know less and you'll be having something explained to you. That's just how grown-ups have conversations. Sometimes you'll think you know more, but you'll find out you're wrong. That can't happen without the explaining things part, either. Finding out you're wrong about something is awesome because it means you probably won't be as wrong about that thing later.