Posted: Oct 21, 2016 11:04 am
by monkeyboy
Oldskeptic wrote:
Wortfish wrote:
Oldskeptic wrote:
You're forgetting something: Creationists claim that kangaroos got to Australia in a short period time after getting off a boat as kangaroos in the middle east only 4000 years ago. If kangaroos did hop from the middle east to Australia 4000 years ago it could be expected to find some evidence of some kind of just that. Instead what we have is evidence of kangroos in Australia and nowhere else 25 MYA.

Why would the kangaroos leave a trail on their migration from the Near East to Australia if it was done in just a few years?

You're right, what was I thinking? With only two of the unclean beasts setting off in a straight line at a steady 15 miles per hour they'd have been there in just a little over 21 days. That is if they could swim as well as they hop.

I wonder if anyone could be bothered working out how long the sloths would have taken to reach their specialised habitat where they are found exclusively in South America at their stunning speed of 40m/130ft per day.