Posted: Oct 22, 2016 7:11 pm
by tolman
zoon wrote:If your creationist accepts that fossils are evidence for previous life at all, then presumably that creationist also accepts that the world has been around for much longer than 4000 years? Or is this not a young earth creationist?

The natural processes which turn organic structures into rock take far too long for the biblical account to be correct, unless the god is supposed to have created the fossils along with everything else, which could have happened last Thursday for all we know. If God did everything by magic, then no evidence counts for anything. If the ancestors of orangutans were in India so long ago that their bones have fossilised, then this in itself is evidence that the biblical timescale is completely wrong. Would this argument help?

Indeed, if someone takes the view that 'God' placed fossils to deceive people, why are they so sure their sacred books are not also some divine deception?
Divinely-inspired 'knowledge' that the books are correct hardly seems to help, given that historically, people seem to have had wars with each other, with each side [supposedly] sincerely believing that their particular version of inspired 'knowledge' was correct.