Posted: Oct 23, 2016 8:02 am
by Rumraket
Wortfish wrote:
Blackadder wrote:Only someone with the information processing prowess of an avocado would actually believe the Ark story as a factual account.

I trust our "newly" acquired marine dwelling friend isn't one of those, although its posts suggest that this as a hilarious possiblity.

The Ark story is plausible...except when the dinosaurs are included. Then the Ark becomes a sort of floating Jurassic Park. Also, there are severe problems associated with nutrition, ventilation and sanitation.

Right, the ark story is plausible right up to the point you actually start to think about it. Never mind the dinosaurs.

The insects alone makes a mockery of the whole thing. And parasites. And viruses. All species on the planet are plagued by countless parasites and viruses. How did they survive the flood? They all carried multiple viral infections and parasites magically without dying?