Posted: Jan 03, 2017 7:16 pm
by Alan C
aban57 wrote:
felltoearth wrote:
aban57 wrote:That's very close to what I tried to explain to some members of my family who will vote le Pen in May : Just like Trump, she will have to appoint a christian zealot at a high position when in power. A zealot that will try to enforce their religion into the whole population.

I have a perennial discussion with my SO about the harms of certain religious beliefs. Some people don't understand that religion can seriously conflict with reality and do damage beyond terrorism that is not apparent.

Many don't understand the levels of batshit crazy religious beliefs amongst some leaders. They assume because they seem pragmatic and they appear to be an approachable non-elite that they are just like them. It's hard to disabuse people of that notion.

Indeed, and it's even more difficult in a country like France, where religion has been banned from public space since 1905. Most French people don't believe or understand the implications of such event.
There is currently an ideological battle in the Front National. Marine, leader of the movement, have been making huge efforts, since she's in power, to "de-demonize" the party's image. On the other hand, her nice, Marion maréchal Le Pen, is strongly tied with far right and christo-fascist groups. It's obvious to me that, unless there is a big clash before the election, Marine will feel obliged to provide an important position to someone representing at least part of these groups.

Crap. France and Europe as a whole doesn't need a return to theocracy.