Posted: Apr 07, 2017 1:55 pm
by Shrunk
Passer wrote:
Shrunk wrote:
Passer wrote:"Behold! Did not the dinosaurs die out 65mya?"
"Behold! Has not the king been quick to defend your homes in the past?"
"Behold! Did not the Wright brothers build the first airplane?"

I can't recall ever seeing the word used in such a context. From where did you get those quotes?

It's just something I've always considered to be the case. Guess I was wrong

Are you saying you just made those sentences up? See, if you want to demonstrate that a word is used a certain way, you need to provide examples in which the word has actually been used that way. If I wanted to argue that the word "behold" is used to refer to a foodstuff, it would not support my position if I just made up the sentence "Boy, this behold is really delicious when you cover it with pork cracklings, maple syrup, and Hollandaise sauce!" Do you follow why that is?

This is a common problem we often encounter here. You are asking for help with specific facts or pieces of knowledge that might help you answer a particular question. But the problem is you seem to lack certain critical thinking skills, without which you are unable to make use of whatever facts or knowledge we are able to provide you. I'm not sure how to remedy such a situtation.