Posted: Apr 07, 2017 2:28 pm
by zulumoose
I do think Passer should have declared his intention with the examples, or maybe just asked if anyone had seen the word used in that way.

It does seem feasible, Consider replacing "behold" with "see here" which is similar:-

"See here! Did not the dinosaurs die out 65mya?"
"See here! Has not the king been quick to defend your homes in the past?"
"See here! Did not the Wright brothers build the first airplane?"

In this case "see here" is not being used literally, it is being used as a sort of argumentative exclamation, not sure the right term to use to explain it, yet it can mean exactly the same thing as behold when used differently.

Now as to whether the original words that "behold" was a translation of can mean something similar to "see here", well that is another kettle of fish.