Posted: Apr 21, 2017 1:05 pm
by mingthething
Tzelemel wrote:My Uncle once did a favour to the local MP's wife (or maybe it was a Councillor, I forget which), and stocked her newspaper in the waiting area of his restaurant. Typical Fundie claptrap. It went on about how scientists were wasting their time, because the Bible had already predicted their findings, or some such nonsense.

If it were't for the fact that I knew most people wouldn't have had the time to read it, I'd have junked the lot.

Creationist: Creationists use the scientific method. Creation science is a science.

Counter-argument: Scientific method consists of proposing a hypothesis and testing it. It also has predictive power , such as being able to predict what kind of rocks you should find in what strata, being able to calculate the path of an asteroid, being able to predict which medicines should work and which should not. What hypothesis are you testing, and how are you going to test that hypothesis?