Posted: Sep 19, 2017 5:56 pm
by surreptitious57
Wortfish wrote:
surreptitious57 wrote:
Wortfish wrote:
winning the lottery and learning you have inherited a fortune and learning that your wife has unexpectedly and
suddenly recovered from cancer - all on the same day. That would be grounds to suppose a miracle had taken place

All those things are entirely possible even if the odds of them happening on the same day are infinitesimal since infinitesimal is still within reason even if you do not think it is. A miracle would have to be some thing that defied
all rational explanation. But what you have described is not a miracle but unconnected though explainable events
occurring within a specific time period

Such an outcome is possible but the chances of it happening are so remote that it can be regarded as a miracle

Anything with a probability greater than 0 cannot be a miracle no matter how close to 0 it may be. All probabilities
exist between 0 and I and so for something to be deemed a miracle it would have to have a probability less than 0