Posted: Oct 31, 2017 12:14 am
by Wortfish
Shrunk wrote:
But, sure, it's also possible that they are creationists. Which would kind of put the kibosh on your other conspiracy theory that PLOS ONE just cooked this all up to boost readership. And then there's also the option of taking the authors at their word when they say they did not realize the full implications of that term in the English language and in a society where creationism has some political influence. Parsimony inclines me to the latter explanation. But who knows for sure?

I suspect there are few, if any, Chinese creationists. There was absolutely no need for the paper to be retracted. A simple corrigendum would have sufficed. But many scientists regard it as there mission to banish even the very hint, or subtle implication, of creationism from the literature. It reveals a great sense of insecurity at any criticism of the orthodox view.