Posted: Oct 31, 2017 2:27 pm
by DavidMcC
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Not at all. It leaves the large number of people who believe in God, but who also accept all of the findings of science as complete unto themselves and feel no need to insert supernatural beings into science. That would include close to every single believer who is performing scientific research, if we judge by the work they publish. And, I suspect, it includes the majority of researchers, period.

Why would believers believe in a god that didn't create the world, etc? It wouldn't make any sense.

Tell that to poly- and pantheists.

There wouldn't be any point in that if they aren't creationist. The offending item was implying creationism, and, whilst it is not clear that all poly-theists believe in such creation, I happen to know that polytheists tend to have an over-arching god, who did the creating. That was certainly the view of a now elderly Indian woman I knew well (she regularly cooked for me).
I still think that all of theism has a creator-god at its heart, because that is the central issue in belief in god or gods - that the world, universe, or whatever, had to have a creator being, rather than a creating natural process.