Posted: Dec 20, 2017 6:17 am
by zulumoose
How do we know how many times abiogenesis has happened?
Where is the solid reasoning that supports it having never happened on Earth before or after the supposed single event?
How do we know that there are not successful life forms today that had their origin in a separate event, never mind unsuccessful ones, that are by their very nature biodegradable and unlikely to leave evidence we would have found and identified as a product of separate abiogenesis.

Certainly, there is no way we can determine that it has not happened elsewhere in the universe, perhaps even relatively close and often, we just can't say at this point.

We also can't say how unlikely it is, because until we know how it can work, we can't investigate other ways of achieving it, or other possible types of abiogenesis in either the same or vastly different environments.