Posted: Mar 28, 2018 2:05 pm
by Sendraks
Wortfish wrote:
They accept that evolution, in the sense of change in living organisms, occurs but they deny that all organisms are related through universal common ancestry.

What they believe is that a set of organisms (baramins) were created by a deity and then, post flood, were subject to some sort of hyper-accelerated process of change (at God's behest) which led them to being what they are today. There's no known or demonstrable process for these changes could have occurred and the idea of happening at the speeds creationists attest, conflicts with the scientific theory of evolution.

Creating your own magical process and calling it "evolution" isn't the same as accepting evolution.

Wortfish wrote:In most scientific journals, the word "evolution" tends to refer to the limited creationist concept rather than the over-arching concept of UCD. So, you might read in Nature about the evolution of pigmentation in salamanders or the evolution of a gene for digestion etc... Creationists don't have a problem with this at all.

Creationists don't have a problem with things which don't interfere with their beliefs shocker.
Who knew?

Small changes to animals as a result of different factors is fine, because the creationsists can accept the timescales it happens in and also, doesn't result in the sort of changes that would put them in the uncomfortable position of having to accept evolution as fact (although some creationists do accept evolution but, choose to deny it anyway because they'd rather believe what they want to believe). The problem is that not all small changes in organisms occur to the timescales convenient for creationsists or any magical super-accelerated-evolution theory. Anything that doesn't fit, is ignored.

It's apologetics all the way down.