Posted: Mar 28, 2018 10:45 pm
by Thomas Eshuis
Wortfish wrote:
Thomas Eshuis wrote:
So at best, you could argue that it isn't god directly who creates things out of nothing.

No. God commands the earth/land to produce forth vegetation from itself. I don't know about you, but plants require water and nutrients from the soil/earth to grow.

Plants are not composed of soil/earth Wortfish.
So either the bible is wrong about the origin of plantlife, or the earth created plants out of nothing.
All you're doing here is desperately trying to twist things to fit with both your religion and the actual scientific theories.
It's intellectually dishonest, fallacious and won't convince anyone.

Wortfish wrote:
No, it literally says that. It does NOT however say how or from what, meaning it's very much ex-nihilo.

Ex novo (from scratch), not ex nihilo (from nothing).

Nope, ex-nihilo.

Wortfish wrote:
Plants are not made up of earth/soil Wortfish.

Actually, they are.

Once again displaying profound ignorance or incredibly subpar trolling.

Wortfish wrote: The material used to make plants come the water and soil in the ground.

False, the materials to make the plants come from seeds or other reproductive matter from previous plants.
Plants don't spontaneously form out of the dirt.

Wortfish wrote: The sugars that power them, and the oxygen they breathe, comes from the air.

You're describing what fuels the growth of a plant, not how the plant came to be there in the first place.

Wortfish wrote:
And if you did not need to resort to dishonest quote-mining that would be a valid rebuttal.
You left out the bit where I pointed out that humans aren't made of dust of the ground.

Actually, we are made of the dust of the ground.

Nope, mindlessly regurgitating the same refuted nonsense for the umpteenth time won't magically make it rational or true.

Wortfish wrote: You are about 50% protein,

Nope. I'm about 65% water.
Also I did not coalesce from dust, I am the product of my parents reproductive activities.

Wortfish wrote: and the amino acids in your proteins come from the earth. via the food you have eaten.

Again conflating fuel with origin.

Wortfish wrote:
If it weren't so depressing, it would be amazing how you manage to competely ignore the facts and just mindlessly regurgitate your counterfactual assertions. If something is in no way analogous to something else, it is not the same in principle either.

CREATIONISM: God creates ADAM from dust, then takes a part of ADAM to make EVE.

QED more nonsense that even disagrees with your earlier admissions.
1. You already admitted that creationism isn't limited to the Abrahamic story.
2. People aren't golems, no matter how many times you blindly assert them to be.

Wortfish wrote:EVOLUTIONISM:

Is a silly, dishonest attempt by creationists to equate religious dogma with a soundly supported scientific theory.
Evolution is not evolutionim. So even if your comparison between creationism and evolutionism was accurate, it still would not change the fact that creationism isn't similar to the scientific theory or the observed fact of evolution.

Evolution creates a PROTOCELL, then uses its genes to make all living organisms.

1. Evolution did not create anything. Evolution is a process, a combination of natural factors and phenomena.
2. The protocell isn't the result of intended, magical action. It's the result of unguided natural processes.

Therefore creationism is nowhere near the same principle.

Wortfish wrote:
Pathetic.Birds and planes both fly. That doesn't mean planes are birds.

Bird flight inspired man-made flight.

Irrelevant tidbit that fails to hide the fact that you do not adress the actual point being made.