Posted: Mar 29, 2018 10:11 am
by Rumraket
Wortfish wrote:
On the contrary, the verse implies that the land produces the vegetation. In other words, the plants arise from the earth/soil rather than appearing from nowhere.

Soil is in large part decomposing plant and animal matter, together with all sorts of microorganisms. Where did that come from? The creationist explanation doesn't make sense.

So God created decomposing plant and animal matter (out of nothing?), then made it magically transform into seeds that could grow into plants?

If God didn't create decomposing plant and animal matter out of nothing, but from some other pre-existing material, where did that pre-existing material come from?

Of course, the whole thing is really just some ad-hoc rationalization of the fact that plants grow from seeds that are embedded in the ground. The people who wrote the biblical nonsense didn't know that plants evolved, nor apparently that plants grow from seeds that come from plants. Or what the constituents of soil actually are. So they just rationalized that somehow God must have caused plants to appear from soil. That's funny. :roll: