Posted: Apr 03, 2018 12:02 pm
by MS2
Wortfish wrote:
MS2 wrote:
If you regard it as allegorical, do you not regard it as fully compatible with the reality of evolution? Could God not have created everything as it is now through the agency of evolution? If not, why not?

Most Christians and Jews regard it as allegorical/figurative, but evangelical Protestants believe every single word in Genesis is the inerrant and literal reality. Of course, as I have pointed out, by creating Eve from a rib of Adam, God shows that he can - like evolution - use existing parts to generate new ones.

You quoted my post, yet failed to answer any of the 3 questions it was made up of! That says a lot.

Anyway, as it appears you are not a literalist, can I have a pair of these special spectacles you have please, that enable you to discern the 'deeper truths' (God 'can use existing parts to generate new ones') from the literal assertions (God 'creating Eve from a rib of Adam'). Failing that, can you describe the reading rules you are applying, because as it stands your reading looks entirely arbitrary and unjustified?

ETA: it strikes me your special spectacles might be what are 'helping' you read other peoples' posts too?