Posted: Apr 03, 2018 2:25 pm
by Thomas Eshuis
Wortfish wrote:
Spinozasgalt wrote:So, you're ditching creation ex nihilo entirely? Or what? Because that's more like the process view than classical/traditional theism. And if that's the case, your picture of divine causation will likely be quite different from people like Craig. And whatever else you want to say about the non-traditional view, it's by no means the most popular one among Christian theists nowadays. So it's hardly a mistake on the part of atheists to address the classical view.

Most theologians would agree that God didn't create the universe from absolutely nothing.

Your rectum still isn't a source of information Wortfish.

Wortfish wrote:What ex nihilo creation really means is that God did not use any pre-existing substance other than his own essence to create everything. So, nothing other than himself.

There is no biblical basis for that assertion.