Posted: Apr 25, 2018 1:47 am
by Moonwatcher
laklak wrote:They have. Chimps are starting to understand and use fire.

They also use tools, and have now started using weapons.

The rest of the thread aside, those are fascinating articles. Seeing other apes that split off from the human line of evolution possibly following the same or a similar path. Obviously, we are talking about something that transpires over millions of years but still amazing to know something comparable to where we were so long ago is observable today. The question becomes will humans, already being way ahead of them, help, hinder or stay out of the process. Not that it's certain they will follow all of the path we did.

I often have misunderstandings about the specifics of the evolutionary process but it is often amusing yet annoying when the process is happening all around us and people are oblivious to it and proclaim that it isn't happening.