Posted: Aug 14, 2018 5:58 am
by Blackadder
Dolorosa wrote:
Blackadder wrote:Tim Peake making careless remarks about ID. Or being quoted out of context.

May I ask... why do you consider his remarks to be careless? I don't think he's under any obligation to abstain from spiritual flights of fancy or even theological musings just because he's an astronaut. Also, rather than having a science background the guy is military through and through. So, I guess, my question stands... Where does his negligence lie exactly? (If that is indeed what happened.)

He is from a military background, you are right. However his mission to the ISS was not a military one, so far as I understand - it was a scientific one and as such, he is seen by many members of the public as representing the world of scientific endeavour. His exploits are taught about in science classes in junior schools in the UK and the BBC's children's science pages have interviewed him about science for KS2 level students.

So, while he is not indeed under any obligation to refrain from flights of fancy, he would be well aware that he is seen as part of the science education establishment. To stand in front of the media and to throw out comments about quantum physics leading us to the conclusion that the universe is the product of intelligent design, without explaining why he thinks that, would be careless. Perhaps he is naive about how the religious will desperately cling to any hint of scientific authority for their beliefs? Maybe he is unaware of how manifestly dishonest the the proponents of ID have shown themselves to be in the past and how they continually seek to undermine science education?

I don't know why he said the things he did, but they were unfortunate for a person in his situation.