Posted: Aug 20, 2018 4:52 pm
by Wortfish
Calilasseia wrote:
Third, what Krauss is proposing isn't creation ex nihilo, what he's proposing is that there exists a testable natural process for converting vacuum energy into matter. On this basis, he has a nice, safe precedent to build upon, in the form of E=mc2. An equation which underpins the operation of such diverse technologies as particle accelerators (which convert collision and kinetic energy into matter) and the various uses of nuclear fission (converting mass into energy via the release of nuclear binding energy, which is itself a contributor to the mass of the atomic nucleus). All those atmospheric nuclear tests conducted by the superpowers, provide ample empirical evidence that this equation is not only sound, but real world applicable. Indeed, the view of modern cosmologists is that the vacuum is itself a physical entity, a point that is totally lost on the various pedlars of apologetics who continue misrepresenting cosmological physics.

I am a little curious. If the first law of thermodynamics has always held, then the energy within the universe must have been the same as in this pre-Bang vacuum. Right? Clearly, to say the universe came from "nothing" is either a misnomer or a wicked lie.

But that's the whole problem with mythology - it's the epistemological equivalent of quicksand, and trying to extract genuinely substantive knowledge from it is like trying to plough the Mediterranean Sea.

Genesis is a work of theology. It explains the relationship between God and Nature, not the mechanisms by which the natural world was created.