Posted: Aug 23, 2018 2:01 pm
by Rumraket
Wortfish wrote:
felltoearth wrote:In your wet dreams. The Dover judgement would prevent any such thing.

One judge in one court doesn't change anything. Creationism has been taught in American public schools before. At the very least, criticism of Neo-Darwinism will be made a mandatory component of the science class.

Yeah because surely what the US needs is to put the christofascist version of the Taliban in charge of making the average american even dumber, more ignorant, more mislead, more religiously propagandized, more brainlessly consumerized, more gullible, and more superstitious than they already are. A christian Saudi-Arabia ruled by christian Sharia. That is the future you seem to be advocating for.

I guess if you're a person who despises the US then institutionalizing the railing against some of the best science in history a staple of the US education system is the best possible thing you could hope for as nothing is more certain to make a country collapse back into somalia-type anarchy and dysfunction than that.

In any case, there's absolutely nothing stopping Pence from effectuating his hyperastronomical stupidity already, so one wonders why it hasn't happened already. Perhaps he needs to practice his ability to suck on Trump's defecating orifice a little bit harder?