Posted: Aug 23, 2018 11:12 pm
by theropod
I invite anyone seriously willing to discuss the “birds from dinosaurs” issue to look into a really old thread where I attempted to do so. Whether I made my case is another matter, which I leave to the reader.


Of course, as I warned at the beginning of that post, the reading list is going to require about a month of your time, and if you want to have any meaningful input you will address this before posting something absolutely stupid. Consider the new evidence not mentioned in that post, because of sheer age, much more has been discovered since, and it would be foolish to make sweeping sssertions therein.

As Cali has quite correctly stated, there is far more than the fossil record which can be brought to bare in this matter. Birds are, in every sense of the word, highly drived maniraptoran theropod dinosaurs. So, the lie that evolution cannot produce “new” morphologies (kinds) is demonstrably just that. Birds arose from small agile dinosaurs, which then diversified into toothed birds, they then lost their teeth, diversified even further with some becoming secondarily flightless. The evidence is so staggeringly massive only ideologically driven denial stands in opposition.