Posted: Aug 24, 2018 12:23 am
by Fenrir
Wortfish wrote:
Calilasseia wrote:Oh, and meanwhile, how many of the 101 or so papers on observed instances of speciation in my current collection, do I have to bring here to nail this creationist lie?

Creationists accept speciation. In fact, their baraminology requires it. From a few created kinds rescued on the Ark, emerged all known species on earth. That is creationist dogma.

Its traditional!

Why didn't you say?

That's ok then, can't argue with tradition can we.

Funny kind of tradition though, beginning right about the time it was realised the unseaworthy barge portrayed in the bible couldn't possibly hold all the animals secular science had classified. That time was 1941 and the man was Frank Marsh, though it didn't catch on till the 90's. There's this thing called the internet, you should try it some time.

So much easier when your tribal taxonomy only held goats, rabbits, asses and pigeons. Fit them on any old coracle you could.