Posted: Aug 26, 2018 9:10 pm
by Mr. Skeptic
Some ground rules in physics. Matter only ever is what it is forced to be and matter only ever does what it is forced to do. All forces in the universe are random unless otherwise directed. Matter does not direct. Matter is what is directed. So the programmable programmed matter inside of you proves your Maker is not made of matter because matter is not able to make itself programmable and matter is not able to programme itself. No physical thing in nature is able to make or programme any working mechanism of any kind. Working parts´╗┐ themselves are never possible without a Maker and 17 of the most common elements are absolutely essential working parts in life forms with a similar amount that are beneficial to life forms. Exceptions are elements like noble gasses which are the most stable elements. Elements that do harm are the most unstable elements that are much less common and harder to produce. So atoms are what is fine tuned, which is so essential for life forms.

Straight from his youtube channels about page. Reading this gets you on the level of what kind of creationist he is. His name is Jungle Jargon. He has done debates with youtube atheists many times before and his language that he speaks in, regarding organisms and evolution, doesn't look like he's talking about organisms at all. He sounds like he's describing sapientroids, like something from star trek or 2001. He seems to have taken analogues about living matter literally. This is not surprising though, as he is a biblical literalist. He has a very mechanistic view of evolution, to say the least.