Posted: Oct 23, 2018 7:59 pm
by laklak
Wortfish wrote:If the Republicans, as expected, hold the Senate in the November midterms, then we could see another conservative judge appointed to the Supreme Court when Ginsburg likely steps down next year.... (snipped for common decency)

We've always had reactionary, anti-science, religious fanatics filling young heads with bullshit, but we've still got the ISS, computers, internet, cell phones, organ transplants, genetic therapies, CERN, and NASA. We're going to go to Mars in the not too distant future (hell, I might live to see it). None of those accomplishments are based on or in anyway influenced by your absurd mythology. It's just a distraction, a fly buzzing around the rancid shitpile of superstition that is theism. In the long run your dogmatic superstitions don't matter, scientific progress will continue in spite of you.