Posted: Jan 10, 2019 11:14 pm
by archibald
newolder wrote:
archibald wrote:... Can I actually mentally have a lack of something in other words? How would or even could a lack of something even manifest physically in my brain?

I may be off-topic or a day late or a dollar short here... Your brain does not manifest physically the whole content of the attached image of parallel bars. After you begin to shake your head from side to side, you should get the rest. So, yes, one can actually mentally have a lack of something in other words.

The ratio of signal to noise gets altered.

Thanks. Good example. I am not sure if it illustrates what I was suggesting is not possible, but it could do. I say that partly because I am not sure what it in fact does show, partly because I do not understand what 'altering the signal to noise ratio' actually means.

Do you/does it mean that I do see the cat's head (tell me it is a cat's head, lol, please) but that I am not consciously aware of seeing it (until I change the way I look at the image)? If so, how is that 'having an absence of something' in the way I'm trying to suggest (for the sake of argument)? What would be the analogy of that to atheism, in other words, for someone who felt that 'bare atheism' was (consisted of) a lack of belief?