Posted: Jan 11, 2019 9:32 am
by Cito di Pense
newolder wrote:Belief in god(s) is/was often attributed to ignorance - "God only knows."


You could make a great contribution here by citing any cases for which belief in gods is NOT attributed to ignorance. This includes ignorance (purposeful or otherwise) of one's emotional commitments.

What's the problem? Is the problem only that we don't have detailed knowledge of ALL THE CASES? So much for induction. When does induction not work? When it's concluding something (that is, ignorance) is NOT the case?

No. For that, we need a contradiction; that is, we need to show that some specific wise-ass concluded a belief in gods... wisely.

Let's review, again: Belief in gods is a practice that is inherited from the very ignorant goat-roasters of long ago. To demonstrate this is not the case, find someone who used the word 'god' in a context that escapes the curse of the goat-roasters.

newolder wrote:IAs a side note: In physics there is the proposed phenomenon of Unruh radiation where a population of particles (photons) is observed in an accelerating reference frame that simply don’t exist to an inertial observer - a merry-go-round if ever there was!

Well, it's not as if an 'accelerating reference frame' is as poorly-defined as 'god' is. What's the problem, again? What we conclude is that belief in god is attributed to ignorance of how properly to define one's terms. Thank the goat-roasters for that.