Posted: Jan 11, 2019 10:29 am
by Cito di Pense
zulumoose wrote:
What you're saying is that we can't do it here because there are no facts in question.

Point completely missed.

Here is a case where belief in gods is NOT attributed to ignorance.

Though we typically refer to knowledge of the gospel as “faith,” there’s no inconsistency in saying that faith is rational and even a matter of knowledge.

Attributing can be done by anyone, that was my point.

So, you don't like my choice of words. Well done, you. Your position is evidently that there can never be anything but opinion about this, but I've given my reasoning on this on several occasions. You're not swayed by assertions that faith is rational and even a matter of knowledge any more than I am. Don't mistake those sorts of assertions for the reasoning I've presented, because they have been trivially introduced to counter the charge of ignorance by saying "Nuh-uh. Faith is a matter of knowledge."

Do you have some lingering faith in god? I'm guessing not. What's the alternative? Do you take other kinds of brain-dead assertions seriously? IF so, it's no better than simply having faith in god.