Posted: May 16, 2019 8:24 am
by Hermit
Spearthrower's still a wonky notion to seek help in order to and debunk something.

Not in my book, but our disagreement on that issue doesn't matter. Ultravegetto was not seeking help. 15 minutes after joining the forum he planted a list of links to four creationists sites under the pretext of seeking help. Seven minutes later he planted a second list containing another seven links of the same sort. Those posts were prepared before he joined. They are not genuine inquiries. Ultrav is an underhanded, dishonest member, but he did not manage to evade my radar. I made that abundantly clear (post #6) the moment I noticed this thread a few hours later, and while I will not claim 100% certainty there is very little doubt in my mind that I am right.

Edit: If it were up to me I'd rickroll every one of those links out of spite.