Posted: Jun 10, 2019 6:17 am
by Spearthrower
Incidentally, JJ... do you think all this drama-generation will obfuscate the fact that the thing you declared as being the worst crap you'd read on the forum turned out to be a substantive, technical and detailed demolition of your contention far beyond your ability to reply? And that when you did in fact (ridiculously) reply, it was simply to reiterate that you were right and that the technical, detailed, substantive post about morphological features of afarensis was somehow 'evidence' of what you'd been saying all along?

That alone would have been where your credibility died - failing to acknowledge your error, pretending it supported your argument etc. - but you've done this dozens, maybe even hundreds of times in your tenure here. We humans are a social species and consequently we intently track those individuals who cheat, who deceive, and who refuse to play according to the rules. You can complain you're being unfairly treated, but this is one of those cases where it is actually a simple majority impression that counts.