Posted: Jun 10, 2019 6:35 pm
by Cito di Pense
Spearthrower wrote:Looks like I'll be getting the last word then.

JJ's contention that atheist ideology messed up the human story is biased both through Creationist ideological predilections which refuse to acknowledge anything, regardless of evidence, that doesn't genuflect to their preferred notional deity, and JJ's personal self-aggrandizing delusional bigotry where he seeks to boost his own credentials as a novel thinker and simultaneously cast doubt on the motivations of everyone who doesn't agree with him, while also having an easy get-out-of-jail-free card to explain away how no scientific research, evidence or observational data anywhere in the history of science corroborates any of his claims.

As JJ can't respond to me anymore, then this is obviously the final conclusion of this thread.


JJ knows his claims to being able to comment legitimately on evolutionary theory and what he thinks is wrong with it have been roundly shown to be fraudulent. It took somebody with qualifications in human paleontology to demonstrate the fraud that he's been trying for years to perpetrate. Nobody took his shit seriously, but as in the case of so many fraudulent claims, JJ put all his effort into obfuscating the fraud, rather than trying to learn any facts. We knew there was fraud at the core, and inducing somebody like that to contend with relevant facts is difficult, but it can be done, as shown here.

Blast from the past (2011)

Jayjay4547 wrote:I used Microosoft Paint to draw this critter, whose main feature is two tusk-like teeth that it rams into its foes. I dishonestly claimed, this pic came from a still from a BBC film by David Attenburgh (lie #2). the aim of this deception was to make a point about chimp teeth, where the incisors slope outwards. The point I had wanted to make was that chimps bite and when they bite hard, against a predator, they must use their arms to grab andpull while biting into their antagonist- else they risked breaking their incisors through bending stress. And this was all about how different chimps are from humans, in their way of reacting to predatory attacks on them. I worked out the ratio of compressive force to pulling in force, from images of chimp skulls.

Ah, technical language. Ain't it grand?