Posted: Jun 11, 2019 4:06 am
by Jayjay4547
Cito di Pense wrote:

Blast from the past (2011)

Jayjay4547 wrote:I used Microosoft Paint to draw this critter, whose main feature is two tusk-like teeth that it rams into its foes. I dishonestly claimed, this pic came from a still from a BBC film by David Attenburgh (lie #2). the aim of this deception was to make a point about chimp teeth, where the incisors slope outwards. The point I had wanted to make was that chimps bite and when they bite hard, against a predator, they must use their arms to grab andpull while biting into their antagonist- else they risked breaking their incisors through bending stress. And this was all about how different chimps are from humans, in their way of reacting to predatory attacks on them. I worked out the ratio of compressive force to pulling in force, from images of chimp skulls.

Ah, technical language. Ain't it grand?

That was an embarrassing misstep on my part. Drawing a vector along the axis of a chimp skull’s sloping incisors I worked out orthogonal components of biting force and force towards an object being bitten. I got quite invested in that. But then I dropped it like a hot potato, not because of anything other posters said, but because I noticed that the axis of the chimp’ canines told a different story: they were aligned along the biting axis. That’s how I recall it.

Plus, I have graduated from Paint.exe to Paint.Net