Posted: Jun 12, 2019 1:48 pm
by Spearthrower
If you check out the Gray Langur monkey, you will notice that the males have extremely long and pronounced canine teeth.

According to JJ, this is due to their strategy of defensive biting.

So what predates on langurs? Well, tigers do.

Now, we have a Grey Langur weighing approximately 13kg.

And a Bengal Tiger weighing as much as 325kg.

How do you imagine that proceeds?

The Bengal Tiger charges at the monkey which weighs 25 times less than it, the monkey turns on the tiger and bares its impressive fangs, and the tiger thinks 'fuck this for a game of hunty-monkey' and buggers off.

The tiger's canine teeth are over 10 cm long... the entire head and body of the langur is about 60cm long... but JJ wants us to believe that their comparatively tiny (to the tiger) canines are going to be a coherent defensive strategy against being eaten by a tiger.

Half the langur's body can comfortably fit in the tiger's mouth... JJ's fiction is constructed in his arm-chair and has no relationship with the real world whatsoever.

Now... what species *might* be intimidated by, impressed with or attracted to the langur's canine teeth display? Have you guessed it yet? Yes, other langur monkeys. :)