Posted: Jun 12, 2019 3:08 pm
by Spearthrower
laklak wrote:I have no doubt that a baboon will bite the shit out of a lion or anything else that attacks it, *snipped a bit for after* How often it works as a defense is unknown. I know I'm not fucking with one.

Undoubtedly true, but for this to work under the banner of evolution, it has to be selected for. How does it get selected for when the baboon that's biting the shit out of the lion then dies? How is that retained by selection? That's JJ's scenario, and one of the many reasons it's clear he doesn't understand how evolution works.

Push comes to shove, if you were being attacked by a lion, you'd bite it too. The problem, of course, is that if your mouth or the baboon's mouth is close enough to be biting on lion flesh, you're already fucked.

The lion, obviously, isn't going to give a primate's privates either which way as you and the baboon are still food, just with a little added wriggly spice. How often biting a lion back works is basically never. There may be the occasional newbie lioness that gets a bit confused that its food is snarling at her and looks like it wants a scrap, but to a first order of accuracy, it would never work - the lion is adapted to kill baboons, but baboons are not adapted to kill lions.

The largest male baboon might weigh 40kg, whereas a lioness on average would weigh 160kg. When something 3 or 4 times the size of you wants to play, it plays by its rules.

laklak wrote:they don't have those big doggie muzzles and teeth for nothing.

Indeed not. They have them to intimidate and fight other male baboons for reproductive access. The male which intimidates others best, or successfully fights off other males has unrestricted access to females... and there we can see something natural selection can actually 'see' and retain.