Posted: Jun 17, 2019 12:57 am
by Jayjay4547
Spearthrower wrote:
Jayjay4547 wrote:Contrary evidence? All Spearthrower (or any other poster) needed to present was a pic of an Australopithecus male skull with long pointy canines. He didn’t present that. Instead he actually agreed that a Smithsonian note that Australopithecus like all later humans, had small canines.

And another lie! Fantastic!

As anyone can see, I haven't just posted a single picture of an australopithecine with sharp, pointy canines, I have posted several, and I did so within hours of JJ's initial claims that they did not possess them.

Actually, anyone can’t see that. Show that you posted several pictures of australopithecus skull with long, pointy canines, by posting those several pictures again.