Posted: Jun 19, 2019 11:03 am
by Jayjay4547
Spearthrower wrote:
Jayjay4547 wrote:What is really bothering me here, is my growing suspicion that you are playing me and I have been ludicrously falling for it.

Oh I am playing you JJ. I am toying with your arrogance and pomposity, your self-absorbed ignorance.

Jayjay4547 wrote: I just can’t square your behaviour over those pics, with that of someone who as you say, has spent his adult life studying human evolution and teaching it to undergraduates... In my experience, professional teachers are all over their material and eager to explain it; to take and own the role of mentor.

Great, now add into that equation a potential student who is ignorant, arrogant, and who has spent years using evasive argumentative strategies to continue a line of argumentation that is fundamentally hostile to not just the discipline but the entire methodology uniting all the sciences.

It’s not so dramatic. My position is simply this: Origin stories, like all historical stories, reflect the position of the teller and further his ideological position.

Atheist ideology is the main biasing theme in the human origin narrative told by people like your good self.

I don’t know how different a human origin narrative freed from that bias would look, but as far as I can see now, it would more invoke natural selection as opposed to sexual selection. A narrative in terms of sexual selection focuses on internal elements within the group instead of a struggle for existence in relation to other organic beings or to external conditions; the nexus where creativity is observed to express itself.

There’s no part of my position that is hostile to the entire methodology uniting all the sciences, as you put it.

Spearthrower wrote:One way of teaching such a person, JJ, might be first to deflate the windbag. It may not be a tactic you like, but you made this bed, chap.

And this is also one of my key points. I quite clearly made this point to you: I offered to meet you fair and square in the middle and help you understand, but your arrogance won't let you acknowledge that your understanding is poor or that one of the people you're repeatedly bigoted against might know more than you. You won't even ASK me to explain because that would require you acknowledge your lack of competence in an expert field - instead you write up these long attacks where you get to pretend that you're still in an instructional position while pretending that the reason I am not enlightening you is because of some nonsensical conspiracy you've contrived rather than it being a direct result of your typical stupid behavior.

I will get round to showing you wrong in my own time, JJ, after I've had my fun. Because you're unwilling to engage in honest discourse, that's what's left. My amusement, and potentially the amusement of other people who have read your guff over the years.

In the first place, I doubt that you are as authoritative as you pretend. In this topic you have said that you have spent your adult life teaching evolution to undergraduates but in your profile you say of your occupation: ”Bit of this, bit less of that, and the occasional bit of the other. i.e. lecturer, actor, writer, t.v. producer” . All of those are full time careers for those who become authoritative. So you are laying it on a bit thick on this forum and the extent of your possible misrepresentation is what is worrying me, because nothing could make me look sillier than having what I think is a serious conversation, with a joking pretense.

Secondly, I think its high time people who assume a monopoly by science for telling the human origin story, hit a bit of an incline. If you spoke in the name of science with more tolerance that would certainly help the prestige of the teller but scientific consensus on the human origin story seems to me too narrow; far narrower say than the consensus of historians about the documented past.

Beyond that narrowness of outlook, the internet resources have in the last decade so broadened what is available to all, that lay persons can figure some things out for themselves and if putative authorities try to bully them into kowtowing to their authority, we can put up a bit of an argument.