Posted: Jun 19, 2019 6:14 pm
by Spearthrower
Sendraks wrote:
Spearthrower wrote:I can identify the very moment for you when you lost any pretense of credibility you might have had if you like? .

So it wasn't back here then?

I'd like to think he's been given more than ample opportunity over the years to express his ideas, but so very few of them have turned out to be sensible.

However, I meant the credibility loss with regards to the topic of afarensis, palaeoanthropology, primate anatomy, fossil identification etc.

And that was here: ... l#p2700024


Bear in mind, of course, that when I initially pointed out that the afarenis composite replica skull cast in question (aside from being largely made up) was female not male and he responded:

I have read a lot of crap on this forum but seldom something as rubbish as that.

So this is a case study of how JJ actually engages with the substance of the topic matter. There's little point in me talking technically about morphological features with him because when I did so, he simply ignored it all and pretended it was evidence of everything he's been saying.

I mean, it's not hard to grasp this, is it? It's a technical subject and therefore has technical vocabulary. If you study anatomy in depth, you have to learn the vocabulary to talk in depth. No one who hasn't studied anatomy is expected to know all the terminology, but then someone who hasn't studied anatomy doesn't really have much to say about anatomy that has any merit.

It's only hubris that drove JJ to this, that hubris won't let him see he's way out of his depth, but encourages him continue on expressing such certainty and disdain even after he showed he was simply incapable of engaging in depth about the very topic he raised. The cognitive bias even has JJ writing long excoriations about me and my credibility and science as a whole comparative the noble layman with his trusty Google companion breaking new ground and exposing the dark underbelly of the system!

It's partly whackadoodle, partly magical case study that is now enshrined on this website. We haven't had anything like this since Byers, I am sure.

Watch what happens now that it's made clear he didn't even know what species he was talking about... watch that hubris machine start cranking! :)