Posted: Jun 20, 2019 6:54 am
by Cito di Pense
Jayjay4547 wrote:
theropod wrote:
Jayjay4547 wrote:Predators on mammals crunch their bones to get at the marrow. Dinosaurs didn't have marrow in their bones so there was no point in crunching their bones.

Where the fuck did you get this idea? It’s seriously wrong.


Well Hokay. I thought dinosaurs had hollow bones.

What you mean is that you thought dinosaurs did not have bones with soft tissue? All dinosaurs? Why did you think that? Or did you just make it up on the spot because you thought it lent support to your crackpotting? If you said "some dinosaurs had air spaces in their bones", who could argue? What you thought was your point was elsewhere, back at "predation" and "preservation". You've already been told that preservation owes much to the environment where the animal died and how soon the bones were buried so they could be mineralized, and about the sizes of the bones. But no. With you it's always about predation, and how the australopithecines repelled predators. But you've already been schooled about how predators select their prey, and about how an individual with a stick is not going to come out on top against a predator two or three times larger in mass.

You've been schooled about so very many features that relate to the story you want to tell. I can read the responses that correct your errors and remember that you have been schooled. You're the only one here who fails to acknowledge how very many times you have been schooled. And all we get from you is "Hokay" to a correction that notes how seriously wrong you were, and no seeming recognition that you lack the humility even to ask how the xex of an individual fossil skull is determined. You think that amending the text with which you incorrectly labeled a fossil species means that you demonstrated so little curiosity in posting it initially that your carelessness, laziness, and lack of curiosity were on display for hours or days. You so energetically pursue what Spearthrower calls your 'babushkas" that you've nothing left to pursue relevant facts.

Over and over you claim that the jeering and sneering at your idiotic and rambling postings is because of ideological differences, but it's because of the strange mismatch between your arrogance and your incompetence to pursue this topic.