Posted: Jun 20, 2019 2:28 pm
by theropod
Jayjay4547 wrote:
theropod wrote:
Jayjay4547 wrote:Predators on mammals crunch their bones to get at the marrow. Dinosaurs didn't have marrow in their bones so there was no point in crunching their bones.

Where the fuck did you get this idea? It’s seriously wrong.


Well Hokay. I thought dinosaurs had hollow bones.

Some of them, like the maniraptoran theropods, did indeed have hollow bones. This fact is supportive evidence that those small theropods gave rise to extant birds. However other dinosaurs had a broad spectrum of skeletal traits. Sauropods, for example, had solid leg bones which helped support their mass. Tyrannosaurs had a sponge-like marrow which saved weight but still served the same function as yours or mine, and hadrosaurs had a marrow structure very similar to extant bovines. You should recall the discovery of possible red blood cells, vessels and fragmented DNA from the marrow of a T. rex. If there was no marrow there would be nothing of the sort to recover.

This is why you should participate in the broader forum, JJ. Ratskep is a treasure trove of good stuff offered freely for your edification. You would clearly benefit form such engagement.

I find your comment about paleo anthropologist disturbing and offensive. Those guys work under the same constraints and procedures as any other paleontologist because, wait for it, they are also paleontologists. If you think the anthropological side is competitive you should review the Cope/Marsh bone wars. Those guys dynamited fossils to deny the other side access.

Anyway, there is always more to learn, and a singular focus disallows a view of the entire landscape.