Posted: Jun 22, 2019 7:44 am
by Cito di Pense
Thomas Eshuis wrote:
Jayjay4547 wrote:
Alan B wrote:
Jayjay4547 wrote:
I believe they are working in an ideological blizzard.

Define 'ideological blizzard'.

Maybe ‘blizzard’ is the wrong term because it suggests confusing conditions that make it difficult to keep a direction. I should have said ‘ideological gale’ to imply being consistently pushed in a particular direction by an unseen force. The ideology (atheism), pushes those who tell the story of human evolution in the direction of self-creation; where our ancestors were the actors rather than the reactors to forces that as it has turned out, pushed them creatively into a symbiotic relation with objects, and later, human speech. And after that, the internet and God knows where from now.

Stop lying Jayjay.

You have failed to provide a rigorous definition of this supposed 'atheist ideology'.
You have failed to provide evidence for the existence of this supposed ideology.
Most importantly you have failed to dress the fact that atheism can't be an ideology, by definition.

Even worse, Thomas, this "atheist ideology" that JJ keeps going on about is really a practice that pushes people in the direction of declining respect for his beliefs, which is really what JJ is doing so much whining about. So, correct, there's no ideology there: Only a praxis, the praxis of declining to genuflect to a belief system that appears to be nothing but JJs idiosyncratic perceptions of life, the universe, and Everything, the creative potential. Not every non-believer engages in this practice. Some non-believers decline to show disrespect for religious belief. If JJ were better equipped, emotionally and verbally, to say what he's complaining about, he could tell us that this is what his problem really is.

Do you see a creative potential? Or do you see creation and destruction going hand in hand so that the cup remains half-full? Do you think we bear a moral responsibility to protect the environment and its biosphere? You can take God out of the picture without needing an atheist ideology to get the job done, but what's left? We get our moral authority (notice I did not say moral sensibility) from our politics, and that seems to be going badly, as well, but maybe that is just my misperception or my ideology. Taken to the bone, ideology IS misperception, and if we're misperceiving, it's the result of ideology, if it's not organic.