Posted: Jun 24, 2019 9:27 am
by Cito di Pense
One question JJ could ask himself, if he knew how to ask it, is "where do we cease our search for creativity"? Why is he stuck wanking away at the biosphere? Because otherwise, he'd have no straw-man ideology to condemn for hindering a proper view of evolution. The kind of myopia that JJ is exhibiting is evident to more than a few people reading the drivel he writes, here.

JJ could ask himself how it is that water (unlike most substances, and the one essential for life) expands to a solid of lower density rather than higher density. This is important, because the earth's climate system has produced epochs in which ice covered nearly the total surface of the oceans (along with much of the land above sea level), called colloquially, "Snowball Earth". The last one of these episodes occurred during the latest pre-Cambrian.

With solid water denser than the liquid, the ice would have sunk to the bottom, basically stopping the biosphere cold. No pun intended.

JJ will have to fidget a bit to find the creativity in that one, but it starts a little further back in the creativity that is entailed in quantum mechanics of the water molecule. Run, JJ, run!