Posted: Aug 01, 2019 9:39 am
by Rumraket
It's almost impossible to give Tomkins the benefit of the doubt with little gems such as these:
What he doesn’t display is another track that is part of the same track set called “MeDIP CpG Score”. Tomkins would have had to manually turn this track off to make his figure 3, so he’s perfectly aware of what I’m about to say.

I feel like I’m becoming a broken record at this point, but the worst of it is that Tomkins knows the signal he’s showing in his figure isn’t significant. I know he knows, because in order to produce his figure 3C (my Figure 17), he had to deliberately turn off or move out of sight a set of tracks that are associated with the FAIRE and DNaseI profiling tracks by default.

Liar for Jesus confirmed. The alternative is that Tomkins creationism has made him literally insane. He would have to be outright halluscinating, having visions that alter his visual representation of reality to not have seen the things on his screen that show the opposite of what he's claiming. But he can't have not seen them even due to confirmation bias making them not be apparent to him, because then he wouldn't have moved them away manually so as to make his figures.

That would be pretty compelling evidence that he knew what he was doing.