Posted: Aug 09, 2019 6:50 pm
by Spearthrower
musicmatters wrote:Good day to you all. My Christian friend sent me a very short video of a Kent hovind debate where he seems to have destroyed the other atheist debater with his answer. The question is basically: "If God created the universe then who created God?"

Hovind's answer was very good and intelligent, and would leave any new atheist speechless in a debate. So do you know of any videos of great Atheist/agnostic debaters like hitchens, Sam Harris, etc. That give a good rebuttal to his answer? Here is the YouTube link to his video:

Kent Hovind is genuinely ignorant. And by ignorant, I mean gob-smackingly thick. His knowledge wouldn't be current 500 years ago. I've witnessed him being schooled by vastly more knowledgeable people so many times, and even though they were clear and efficient in their communication to him, he struggled to grasp even the outline of what they were saying, then continued making the same errors he'd just been educated about in his response.

He's a liar, a charlatan, and a convicted fraud.

I watched the video. I didn't see him 'destroy' anyone or anything. Atheism isn't a steady stream of indoctrination, so whether the atheist is new to it or an atheist of many years is entirely irrelevant; what actually matters is how knowledgeable they are, whether they can think clearly and see through bullshit being spun by a snake-oil seller.

What specifically did you find so compelling there? For me, it was full of errors from a scientific perspective (for example, he's not even aware that there were 4 states of matter known as 'classical states' - he forgot plasma, and he clearly knows bugger all about the dozen modern states of matter ), he failed even to render the Biblical account of Creation accurately given that God didn't create matter at the same time as 'He' created time and space, and it was all merely assertionism from a philosophical perspective.

In essence, his answer to 'where did God come from' was 'God doesn't need to come from anywhere, God just is' by definition i.e. the standard ultimate answer of all presuppositional apologetics and a complete non-answer.

And of course, the response then is 'well, then the universe just is, and the difference is that we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the universe actually exists - no faith needed'.