Posted: Sep 22, 2019 5:48 am
by Spearthrower
Jayjay4547 wrote:
For a long time I have experienced ratskep posters reacting extravagantly to my posts and I have come to see that as a group ploy. If you keep on jeering at me, that inclines others to disregard what I say. That goes with the territory. But you are particularly on my case, obsessed with cutting my sentences, denying any capacity in me to make a point and grossly misrepresenting my position. Cito also, to a great extent. It’s not me who is obsessed here, it’s you.

No group ploy.

Even if I was alone and everyone on your side, I would still be jeering at you for your inane foolishness, disregard for reality, and insistence that whatever you say must be taken as fact even when all the evidence directly contradicts it.

Regardless of your education and expertise in engineering, you really are the most stupid of men as you are wholly blind to yourself. No real knowledge can be achieved without first knowing yourself, your limitations, and your motivations. You don't see how it's you being motivated by hostility to engage here and prove everyone and everything wrong. You don't see how your litany of errors and foolish claims make you look like an erroneous fool, which is why you have no credibility whatsoever and have become the butt of jokes. So deep down the rabbit hole of your own rectum you are, that it's not YOU who's obsessed, it's literally EVERYONE ELSE!

Seek help.