Posted: Sep 22, 2019 12:53 pm
by Spearthrower
One of those lovely echoing ironies in this thread is how far removed from knowledge JJ is, yet how full of bluster and bravado he is. Confidence and ignorance, those inseparable bed-fellows.

Previously, many pages back, JJ put up a picture of an A. africanus skull that he thought was afarensis, and didn't realize was a juvenile. This, despite having a raging hard on for Raymond Dart, the finder of this specimen.

So now we have yet another layer of ignorance to add to it.

How did the Taung child die? You know - the very same individual which JJ cited but didn't know the first thing about?

As first reported by Berger and Clarke in 1995 - yes, that makes it 23 years of JJ failing to grasp this - the taung child was killed by an eagle. ... 8485710603
Eagle involvement in accumulation of the Taung child fauna; Berger and Clarke (1995)

Further confirmation 8 years later through comparative analysis ... 7000600013
Further evidence for eagle predation of, and feeding damage on, the Taung child, Berger and McGraw 2007

So there goes another babushka.

Of course, that doesn't mean JJ will actually stop using that babushka just yet - if he was in the habit of acknowledging his factual errors, this thread would be about 197 pages shorter.