Posted: Sep 24, 2019 11:18 am
by Jayjay4547
THWOTH wrote:

This 'human origins story' isn't like a Marvel superhero origin story. There's no devised grand narrative arch to be played out, with popcorn. No hero, no antagonist, no catharsis, no redemption, no actors, agents, producers, directors, or writers all working to bring a story to life, as it were. So what if it's all just dumb material doing dumb material stuff, and that we call all that evolution, and that us two-legged thunking mammals are just one of the results of alll of it? Really, what's wrong with that story?

The human origin story just isn’t so boring. And it is really important because we are its outcome.

THWOTH wrote:
Sure, it's (relatively speaking) important to tell each other stories about where we've come from, where we are, and where we're going. In fact one might argue that our evolved capacity for story-telling is a response to certain environmental pressures, and that this capacity allowed our ancestors to succeed by offering them a means to transmit information and plan ahead, and all that jazz.


THWOTH wrote: However, your stories about early humans being involved in a unique and peculiar Battle Royal between themselves and Nature, a battle that by rights humans should have lost if not for the helping hand of Shiva, Odin, Arceus, Bandu, Him, Her, or whatever deity, starts with humans being a special species and continues to justify that specialness on the basis that... well... on the basis that humans are just special.

Darwin said it depends on a struggle for existence in relation to other organic beings or to external conditions. I don’t have a problem with that. Other organic beings and external conditions have sometimes offered creative opportunities. For our ancestors, the creativity has turned out to be so extreme that its consequences are felt by all life. Call the source of creativity by any name of a god you like, I prefer just the word “creator”.

THWOTH wrote: If that story works for you then that's great. jayjay, I think you're special. Really, really special.

Go soak your head.
THWOTH wrote: Now tell me again why it's not OK for people to think that they're nothing special or why nobody else can be special unless they accept your story as actually factually true?

Like elephants, humans are particular. I don’t accept your story as actually factually true.