Posted: Nov 17, 2019 12:52 pm
by Wortfish
AlanF wrote:

I'd like to get comments from people on my argument. Are there flaws that Christian defenders can exploit? Etc.


I think this is what many would call "an argument from ignorance and personal incredulity".

From my own sources in the spirit world, it is clear that the earth was created to be a place of conflict and suffering - this is hell . In the world of spirit, there is no harm done and everyone is at peace. But it is only through trials and hardships that we learn anything and that is why spirits take on bodies. God, as our loving Father, wants us to grow and "evolve" as spiritual beings.

Moreover, the Christian religion is based on the idea that God sent his Son to suffer and be crucified so that he could show his love for humanity through redemption. That is entirely consistent with a loving God.