Posted: Nov 27, 2019 11:30 pm
by Rumraket
AlanF wrote:How do you respond to someone who, as Wolfgang Pauli quipped, "is not even wrong"?

You don't. There's no reason for this kind of have-the-last-word-ism. You've said all there is to be said on the topic, and you should not expect to be able to say something that will somehow shut down the conversation and make her agree with you. That will never ever happen.

Rational people who read your exchange can decide for themselves what to think. It genuinely doesn't matter that she got to go last and "say something back". If you've a significantly superior argument, that fact alone will stand out. Particularly given how her last words seem to have just been an incoherent rant based on some vague appeal to a personal medical experience.

Someone who isn't an idiot or already completely into the hole of creationist nuttery will be able to see through it.